Behind-the-Scenes of Alex’s “Beastly” Transformation

23 Feb

In this new “Beastly” featurette, we get to go behind the scenes of Alex’s transformation into the beast in his upcoming movie “Beastly”!


Five Things You May or May Not Have Known About Alex Pettyfer

9 Feb

I actually knew all these facts, but in case you didn’t, US Magazine lists five things you may not have know about Alex Pettyfer!

So just who is Alex Pettyfer, the mysterious Brit who managed to sweep Glee’s Dianna Agron off her feet? uncovers some need-to-know info about the 20-year-old actor, who appears opposite his reported fiancee in the upcoming sci-fi flick I Am Number Four (in theaters February 18).

1. He was a child model. A chance encounter with designer Ralph Lauren helped convince Pettyfer to get in front of the camera when he was just eight years old. “This weird-looking guy in the lift said to me, ‘You’re quite good-looking; you should model for me,” he recalled in an interview with the New York Times in 2008. It wasn’t until Pettyfer appeared in a Ralph Lauren campaign that he realized just who had discovered him.

2. He clams up in auditions. Before he scored the lead role in I Am Number Four, Pettyfer’s nerves got the best of him. “When I went into the auditioning room, I didn’t even read,” he told Vanity Fair’s February issue. “I said to them, ‘I really think I’m wrong for this part. I’m really sorry for wasting your time.’ And I walked out.” Fortunately, director D.J. Caruso convinced Pettyfer to take the part — and later introduced him to Agron, 24.

3. He got inked for love. Prior to his relationship with Agron, Pettyfer dated his Wild Child costar Emma Roberts. “I got a girl’s name tattooed on my ring finger because I was in love,” he told Glamour UK in February 2010. “We’ve broken up, but I don’t live in regret.”

4. He’s an outdoorsmen. Unlike some of his peers, Pettyfer insists that he isn’t charmed by the Hollywood atmosphere. “I’m not into the party scene,” he told VMAN in November 2009. “I like to have barbecues on the beach and go rock climbing at Joshua Tree.”

5. He transformed his appearance for Beastly. To fully embody his character in the modern-day fairy tale (which also stars Vanessa Hudgens and Mary-Kate Olsen), Pettyfer was asked to radically alter his look. “I had to shave all of my goldilocks, which was one of the hardest things for me mentally,” he told in November 2009. “And then physically I put on about 12 to 15 pounds [of muscle], because I’m actually quite a skinny guy.”

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Live in L.A. & Want to go to the “I Am Number Four” Premiere?

8 Feb

The “I Am Number Four” premiere in L.A. with all the stars of the cast, inclusing Alex Pettyfer & Dianna Agron, is tomorrow! If you live in the area & RSVP, you may be able to attend!

Want to go to the I AM NUMBER FOUR Premiere?

Live in the Los Angeles area? Obsessed with I AM NUMBER FOUR, Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron, or all of the above?

Well, then this may be your lucky day!

Disney is giving away free tickets to the I AM NUMBER FOUR premiere TOMORROW! See the movie and watch the Red Carpet arrivals of the stars and filmmakers including: Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron, Teresa Palmer, director DJ Caruso and many more.

If you’re interested (and really, who wouldn’t be??) RSVP HERE!

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Alex Pettyfer on Jimmy Fallon!

8 Feb


Alex Pettyfer Talks “I Am Number Four” & His “Beastly” Makeup!

8 Feb

Alex Pettyfer has, until now, been known mostly for his hunky, chiseled good looks and as the maybe-fiance of Dianna Agron (aka Glee Cheerio Quinn Fabray)–but he’s about to be known for a whole lot more. The British 20-year-old first hit the big screen in 2006 as the lead in spy flick Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker and followed it up alongside ex-girlfriend Emma Roberts in the comedy Wild Child (her initials are tattooed on Alex’s wrist). But he’s using 2011 to let everyone know he’s leading-man material. And Hollywood is taking note.This month he stars opposite Dianna, Teresa Palmer, and Timothy Olyphant in the big-budget sci-fi thriller I Am Number Four, which follows John Smith (played by Alex), an alien who disguises himself as a regular high schooler to avoid the enemies that have invaded his home planet. “My character is an outsider,” he says, “and he’s a role model for kids who think they don’t fit in.” Alex can identify: “I definitely feel a bit like an alien in America.”

Well, that feeling may be a fleeting one. After Number Four, Alex stars in fairy-tale reboot Beastly as an egomaniacal teen cursed by a witch (Mary-Kate Olsen) to live the rest of his life as ugly on the outside as he is inside. In order to return to his handsome state, he must win the heart of lovable loner Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens). The role was a huge departure for the handsome former Burberry model, and it required some serious makeup sessions: “Four and a half hours to put on the prosthetics, and one and a half to take them off,” he recalls of his terrifying transformation. “It was intense.”

Next up for Alex is Now–which he’s currently filming with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried–a fast-paced actioner that takes place in a future where no one ages past 25. “I play the baddie–a mix between Gary Oldman and Charles Manson,” he explains. So would Alex want to live forever? “No, but I do treat every moment like it’s my last.” –Alexis Swerdloff

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New Alex Pettyfer Photoshoot!

8 Feb

New Alex Pettyfer photoshoot…..and he looks dashingly handsome, as always! Many, many thanks to for allowing us to repost the photos!

More photos after the jump!

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Alex Pettyfer at Soho Apple Store – Fan Pics & Meeting

6 Feb

So I (Chelsea) went to see Alex Pettyfer at the Soho apple store event on Friday, February 4th. During the event, Alex answered some questions as well as fan questions. The cutest part was when a little girl asked him to be her valentine, and he said “Yes…but only if I get a hug.” It was so adorable and his accent is lovely in person. After the Q&A, Alex and D.J Caruso took their time to greet fans, sign, and take pictures. I told him I help run a fansite on him and he was VERY flattered. I also learned that he DOES NOT have a twitter, so beware of fakes!