Alex Pettyfer: Drama Magazine Photoshoot

29 Mar


Alex Pettyfer recently did a photoshoot with the English magazine Drama. This magazine is known for it’s really artsy, black and white photos. Ummm…I’m still on the fence about this photoshoot.  It’s peculiar to say the least….but yeah. Check out the photos and decide for yourself!

A poster soon Beastly, a comedy fantasy created by Daniel Barnz, Alex Pettyfer offers a wonderful photo session on the lens of his fellow Ram Shergill for the needs of the latest issue of English Drama, a journal devoted to the fashion and performing arts.  The shooting in black and white is a unique and intense experience and the young man is particularly cute.

Recall that Beastly, a remake of the animated “Beauty and the Beast ‘tells the story of a young man from Manhattan who has everything: beauty, money and girls.  Indeed he is dating the most beautiful girls in her school but dropped when he wants to move on. But his life will soon turn into a nightmare when seduced Kendra Hilferty (Mary-Kate Olsen), a new student who turns out to be a witch! When he broke with the latter, she cast a spell that transforms him into everything he hates. His father, a wealthy businessman, sent him to live in an apartment in Queens with an assistant because of his ugliness.

And the two stars of the film actors who have other Alex Pettyfer and delicious Vanessa Hudgen s, known through the saga High School Musical where she played the role of Gabriella Montez, while the two were awarded the stars of Tomorrow at ShoWest 2010 Awards, which reward annually movies and series that marked the previous year.




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